Omega 3 helped reduce my blood pressure

Omega 3 helped reduce my blood pressure

Mum of 4, Sherifat, bravely shares her story about how Omega 3 helped her during her battle with cancer. Her son introduced Omega 3 into her diet to help reduce her need for prescription medication for high blood pressure during her treatment. Here is her story...

Why did you start taking Omega 3?

Whilst I suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I was unfortunate to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  The diagnosis bothered me and I was anxious about everything from here on.

I began Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and an eventual surgery and radiotherapy.  Cancer aside, my cholesterol and blood pressure conditions required frequent visits to the GP to monitor my health and receive appropriate medical treatment, which resulted in quite a few prescription drugs.


My son was keen on reducing the amount of medication I was taking by finding alternative means such as enhancing my diet.  Coincidentally, I noticed a difference in his skin and he mentioned that he was taking Omega 3.  Chemotherapy really weighed on the appearance of my skin anyway and It was at that moment that he could connect the benefits of Omega 3 with improving both my blood pressure and skin appearance.

He ordered a bottle of liquid Lion Heart which I started taking.  Subsequent readings showed improvements in my blood pressure which led to reducing the amount (in grams) of my pills.  I showed it to my doctor and it was approved that I continue taking Lion Heart.

Since you’ve been taking it, what benefits have you seen? 

Consistently lower BP readings, my skin has visibly improved since I completed my chemotherapy, Nails grow much faster and they look better too. 


Would you recommend the brand & why? 

Certainly, I have taken other brands but Lion Heart has been exceptional in both taste and quality.  I’m particularly impressed by the taste as it makes it easier to use. Judging by my blood pressure readings and skin appearance, I believe that it has made a clear difference to my health.