NHS to stop giving prescription Omega 3

NHS to stop giving prescription Omega 3

So we've just read the news that the NHS is to stop giving prescriptions for Omega 3, along with a whole host of other things.  This is in a bid to save some much needed money, which we totally get.  Astonishingly, the NHS currently spends £6.3m a year on Omega 3.  

We're not sure what to make of this.  For some people who really do need Omega 3 for health conditions, and who can't afford to buy supplements, this is an issue of course.  We do also understand that it's something readily available in oily fish, fresh mackerel and tins of sardines are relatively cheap.  Should the tax payer be funding something that is easily obtained at relatively low cost?  Without getting political, probably not.

However, we Brits don't eat a whole lot of oily fish and there's also a lack of education about how to get Omega 3 and why we need it.  If doctors are going to stop prescribing it, they need to advise patients to eat oily fish or buy a decent quality supplement.  There is a wider need for proper food education in this country and perhaps it will be up to businesses like us to make sure this happens.  We certainly try to do our bit!   

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