Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Throughout my previous posts we’ve looked at committing to a decision, changing habits, adopting new ones and developing a system that works for you as an individual. If you’re aware of the changes you want to make and the goals you want to achieve, you’ve already won half the battle.

There is a difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.. As Bruce Lee famously said, “if you spend too much time thinking about a thing you’ll never get it done”.  It’s all about taking consistent action.

Start each day with a positive step, be courageous in your actions and go after the goals you really want.

Remember that one bad day isn’t a bad life.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and that you’ve been able to use some of them for the 30 day challenge. I would like to encourage you to maintain these actions consistently throughout the year, so you can keep the momentum going.

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Remember that one bad day isn’t a bad life.  Keep turning the dial slowly, reward your progress often and jump straight back on the horse if you fall.  Take some time to design a plan that is important to you and that will keep you going throughout 2017. 

Make it a fun year by seeking support and encouragement from other people, especially those who are committing to some health related goals.  Here are some of my own decisions for this year (inspired by reading the Better in 30 blog):  I’m committing to getting back into the HIIT style workouts, something which I’ve done before but have not been actively pursuing in recent months.  I’m also going to clear out and re-organise my kitchen for a fresh start to my mornings.  With winter already underway, I also plan to fill my supplement drawer with the best supplements that will keep me in tip-top shape and will work for me and my active lifestyle.

Go well and have a fun, healthy and successful 2017.

Doing the #betterin30 challenge? Use the hashtag to tell us how you’re getting on, and you could win a personal session with one of our experts!

bare biology health better in 30 performance coach and olympian leon taylor

Leon Taylor is your Better in 30 Performance Coach. He’s a three-time Olympic athlete, BBC Sports commentator and mentor to diving sensation Tom Daley.  Leon was the first British Olympian in over 44 years to win a silver medal at the Athens Olympics.

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