Keeping up your fitness regime in 2017.

Keeping up your fitness regime in 2017.

I have put together a 20 minute bodyweight workout that will strengthen and sculpt your lower body, core and back - no equipment needed. This is a low impact workout with some cardio options. The exercises compliment the Better in 30: Sweat & Sculpt workout and they can be done together. Short, effective workouts with shape changing results!

The Louisa Drake Method (LDM) aims to get people moving with control in a safe and effective way. We achieve this by training the whole body to move with energy, ease and flow and by engaging the correct mental focus and breath whilst doing so. Here are some tips and advice to support your workouts and keep them as you continue into February!

Fuel your movement

Incorporate proper breathing during exercise as this helps to relax the muscles and avoid unnecessary tension. A relaxed full breath pattern will encourage focus and power. Deep inhalation and exhalation exercises the lungs and increases lung capacity. I encourage an inhale through the nose and an exhale through the mouth with pursed lips - imagine you are blowing out a candle or blowing a kiss Marilyn Monroe style.

Move with control

Control your body’s every movement to become long and lean. This applies to the exercises and the transitions. Move with purpose and flow from position to position, like a dance. Moving with control helps the body to recruit the smaller muscles (synergists). When many muscles work together to execute one movement, the body as a whole develops greater balance and coordination. Also the big muscles won’t get too big as they don’t have to do all the work themselves.

Switch things up

You don't always have to lead with the right arm or leg. With LDM clients I mix things up as much as possible. So make a note which side you start with each session and change it up. It keeps the mind and body guessing, and gives the supporting side a chance to activate and lead the movement.

Spice things up!

Props can enhance your training further. In some cases they can also increase the difficulty. I use a selection of props in my classes and with clients to challenge their minds and bodies. Consider investing in some equipment to take your workouts to the next level. Free weights, a small Pilates ball, resistance bands, ankle weights to challenge or a foam roller for rehabilitation.

For a peachy posterior try using a Pilates ball or prop, such as a rolled up towel behind the knee. This aids the hip flexors to stretch and it really challenges the hamstring and glute muscles. Having something to hold or press against that resistance and gets the muscle working harder which creates a better looking bottom! A simple pair of ankle weights or free weights can deliver further toning and shaping benefits. Your muscles will fatigue with extra resistance. Stronger muscles will boost your metabolism and help your weight-management goals.

bare biology health better in 30 keeping up your fitness regime in 2017 by louisa drake

Resistance bands are kind on joints and create a new way to stimulate muscle growth as they provide constant tension. I love using resistance bands to really challenge my clients’ workouts. They’re perfect for strength training and rehabilitation, plus they are lightweight and affordable. Ideal to pop in your bag when travelling and give you freedom to train practically anywhere. A foam roller is the perfect fitness aid to release tense and tight muscles. Rolling the foam cylinder under muscle groups that feel tender can not only improve muscle performance for a longer and more channelling workout, but also speeds up recovery afterwards. Use it to warm and loosen your muscles pre-workout and work over the sore spots afterwards.

Doing the #betterin30 challenge? Use the hashtag to tell us how you’re getting on, and you could win a personal session with one of our experts!

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Louisa Drake is your Better in 30 Fitness Professional.  She’ll stretch you out, tone you up and have you feeling your best by day 30.  Louisa is the Founder of the Louisa Drake Method and a fitness teacher at several of London’s hot spots including Equinox, Shoreditch House and The Detox Kitchen.  She’s worked with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.  And now you.


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