How to stay fit on holiday

How to stay fit on holiday

Achieving that bikini body is the ultimate workout goal of the summer months. We all want to look fabulous on the beach or by the pool.  We know that holidays are a time to relax and unwind, but why stop at pre-holiday workouts?  If you’ve worked hard to achieve that gorgeous holiday body it’s only natural you’d want to continue to bask in your fit and fabulous glow.  We’ve put together some workout tips that you can squeeze into your holiday to keep feeling your very best.  

Become a water baby 

If you’re heading for a sunnier climate, chances are there’ll be a beach or a pool nearby.  Swimming is one of the best ways to keep fit (just look at Jennifer Aniston, an avid swimmer).  It’s an all-over workout that doesn’t require any equipment. It strengthens your muscles and gets your heart pumping.  A nice dip in the pool is also refreshing in hot weather so that’s a bonus.  Try squeezing in a few laps throughout the day to keep your body working.  

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, give water sports a try.  Surfing is another celebrity favourite; Cameron Diaz and Ashley Greene swear by surfing for an incredible core workout.  Kayaking is another one to try.  It does incredible things for your upper body and will also give you a chance to explore.  


Embrace your inner child 

By this, we mean pack a skipping rope.  Yes, it’s something most of us loved at school, but it’s also a great way to stay agile and pack in some short cardio workouts.  Skipping has loads of benefits as a holiday workout.  A skipping rope is lightweight and portable and it’s something you can do absolutely anywhere.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a body like Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn or Katy Perry - some of our favourite skippers? 

Take the long way round 

It’s easy to opt for the simplest choice when you’re in holiday mode.  Taking the lift or grabbing a taxi are great time savers but don’t do a lot to burn calories.  Instead of the lift, take the stairs every time, no matter how far up you’re going.  You’ll feel your glutes and thighs tighten and it’s great for busting those extra holiday calories too.  Instead of hopping in a taxi on your way about town, try walking.  

Eat your way fit 


Good food is one of the best things about holidays This rule doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on tasty food.  It just means watch what you eat.  Follow Rosie Huntington-Whitely and focus on your food.  You don’t have to diet, all you have to do is be more mindful at the dinner table. This means chewing your food for longer and concentrating on what you’re eating.  This will slow you down and help you to feel fuller, quicker.  

If you do find yourself eating a high-calorie diet, Omega 3s could be your best friend; make sure you pack our travel-friendly Lion Heart capsules with you.  Omega 3s are massively beneficial for weight loss and can help promote fat burning 

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to keep that bikini body and enjoy your holiday at the same time.  Follow these steps and let us know how you get on We’d also love to hear some of your own tips for easy holiday fitness.