How to reboot your store cupboard

How to reboot your store cupboard

As a mum of 3 herself, Lizzie knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to finding simple habits that can help you stay healthy.  In this article, Lizzie shares her top tips to help you upgrade your store cupboard...

Setting your mind to a few new ways of thinking around your food is a whole lot easier if you deal with the foundations. Your environment and what you surround yourself with is key. By teeing up your cupboards and supply system right, you're way more likely to avoid the many traps that are easy to fall into if you don’t have the know-how. If there are packets of biscuits, crisps and less than ideal snacks lurking in the cupboard they are more likely to get eaten.  I’m terrible at hoarding long open spices and herbs just in case they’re needed, they just clutter your cupboards and sabotage your progress. I always recommend having a store cupboard clean out before the beginning of the new year. 

I have a whole chapter in my book dedicated to my dream store cupboard staples, but I’m giving you a little insight here into the crucial things to add in, as well as chuck, to make life a lot more delicious and way easier.

Nuts and seeds


Build up a supply of all your favourite nuts and seeds so you can always make a quick snack, grab a handful to go or scatter over a soup or salad to add extra energy to your day. I buy them in bulk online, which saves a lot of cash as they can be really expensive. I’m a sucker for cashew nuts and toasted almonds in trail mix or as as they are. When I first realised how simple making your own nut milk was, I’m now hooked! I get through them fast, so I buy big bags and store them. I’m a big fan of lots of crunch and I throw them into anything I can, have a look at my website for more ideas.

Flour Switch


Check your flour supply and, if it’s just the white bog standard one, add in a few more for a twist. Those that are not the white type, such as buckwheat, gram, etc, all have many health properties and can be easily incorporated into your diet, adding so much flavour too. Pancakes, banana bread, bhajis and fritters are just a few of the recipes in my book I use them for.  You could start by mixing half non-white with half of your plain, refined white flour (be mindful that the latter acts very much like sugar in your system, hiking your blood sugar levels and not adding extra minerals or nutrients).

Ditch the packets to survive!


If you have drawers of biscuits, crisps etc, you're more likely to hunt them down at some point – whilst if they’re simply not there, it’s a much faster conversation with yourself. Plus if you have kids, you’re saved from the endless bartering about when they can have what.

Swap for the best


Changing things in your kitchen takes time. I'm currently ditching the plastic and love brands like Elephant Box who make ‘live forever’ lunch boxes. I also recently found some new amazing beeswax wraps, they are perfect replacements for cling film and keep everything super fresh!

Small Steps


Don’t fret if your cupboards are not looking their best immediately. You can build up to it. Each time you make a new recipe and add one more ingredient, you’ll be multiplying your fabulous range of healthy ingredients.  I tend to add in items that I really want in my weekly swap, this spreads the cost rather than trying to buy everything all at once. 

Best of luck and I can’t wait to see how you get on.

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