How to feel 'Scentered' this Christmas

How to feel 'Scentered' this Christmas

Scentered is a unique range of 100% natural, portable aromatherapy balms, to help you stay centred, wherever, whenever. In this article, the Scentered team share their top wellness tips to reduce stress and help you enjoy the festive season...

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, filled with visiting family, mouth-watering food, Christmas lights and woolly socks. But it’s not always smooth sailing in the build-up to the festivities. Christmas can oftentimes bring equal measures of excitement, missed nights sleep and stress. Stress and lack of sleep can be just as detrimental to your physical wellbeing as your mental wellbeing. If you need a helping hand this season to make sure you are in tip-top shape, happy and healthy for the big day, read our guide here!


With all your late nights taken up by present wrapping, turkey preparations and Christmas work parties, sleep can become a fond distant memory. Getting a good night's sleep is an important ritual that keeps you feeling productive, happy, healthy and ready to face the next day. It can be all too easy to lay in bed and go over and over your mental list of things to do into the small hours. This leaves you feeling exhausted, run-down and ready to crawl back under the covers when the alarm goes off.

If you have already tried counting sheep, it might be time to try aromatherapy… 

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in products such as balms and candles to release a steady stream of scent. Not only does aromatherapy candles and balms utilise the physical and mental benefits of essential oils but also draws off the human minds powerful ability to make scent associations. Lavender and Chamomile essential oils both have a calming and sedative effect when inhaled, a perfect blend for your bedtime routine. By burning a Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle as you wind down for bed, your brain will begin to associate this relaxing aroma with sleep. So the next time you can’t stop thinking about your to-do list, light the candle and you will soon find your mind quieting and your eyelids getting heavier. 

If you need more help with sleep, you can read our practical tips to improve sleep here.


Yoga is a perfect hobby to pick up this festive season. It's an amazing form of exercise that can get you feeling energised from the comfort of your own home whenever you have the time, with minimal equipment and for a range of abilities. In addition to this, yoga also calms the mind, improves muscle strength, flexibility and overall fitness. What’s not to love?



Christmas season is the time when we most want to look and feel fabulous, but when life is a little hectic it can be hard to prioritise your health and wellbeing. Misty mornings, short days and cold nights can leave you feeling stiff and sluggish. We add Skinful to coffee, tea, smoothie or shake to get glow back and benefit from the wonders of collagen; glowing skin, improved flexibility, bone mass and increased muscle strength. 

If you want to add an extra punch to your overall health and wellbeing, adding Omega 3 capsules or liquid into your daily routine can give you that added oomph needed to tackle the run up to Christmas. Omega 3 look after your skin, heart, eyes, blood pressure and brain and can take care of you during pregnancy and menopause. So, with the obligatory family selfies and the marathon-like event that is the Christmas dinner coming up, look after yourself so you can glow inside and out, all day and all night.

Good diet

You get out what you put in. Feeding our bodies the right foods can hugely impact our health and wellbeing. We are always told to eat our 5-a-day, enough Omega 3, vitamins and nutrients, but fitting it all in every day isn’t always easy. If you’re looking for some easy inspiration this Christmas, why not try Easy Overnight Oats with Collagen or our guide to 10 Energy-Boosting Foods to get you feeling spritely this season? 

Me time

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and cherishing your loved ones. This can mean that you and your needs are too easily put to the bottom of the priorities list. We say that this Christmas, you deserve some more ‘me time’! Taking some time for yourself to take a few deep breaths and relax can help you stay ‘Scentered’. ‘Me time’ can mean something different to different people, whether it's putting on The Grinch with a bowl of popcorn, a long hot bubble bath, or getting stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to read since summer. For an added boost during your ‘me time’, try combining your bubble bath with a De-Stress Aromatherapy Candle, or how about rubbing an Escape Aromatherapy Balm onto your pulse points whilst reading your favourite book? Whichever one takes your fancy, using aromatherapy will release those calming benefits of essential oils and make the most of your spare time.  

By Liv Evans

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