How Omega 3 helps arthritis

How Omega 3 helps arthritis

Arthritis, the invisible illness. It's the 3rd biggest area of spend for the NHS and it affects over 10 million adults in the UK alone. Despite these statistics, many of us are unaware of the condition and how common it is. It isn't one size fits all, there are over 200 different types of arthritis. The two most common types are Psoriatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which cause inflammation in the hips, neck, knees and hands. A mixture of genetic and lifestyle factors play a big part in the development of this joint condition and it can affect anyone at any age. So what can we do to help prevent it?

Research suggests that there is a strong link between our diets and developing joint problems. Certain foods can trigger inflammation, worsening the symptoms of arthritis or leaving us vulnerable to developing it. If you want to take steps to protect your joints, it might be worth considering what's on your plate. Here's a list of foods that can trigger inflammation...

  • Processed and fried foods
  • Sugar and refined carbs
  • Salt and preservatives 
  • Alcohol
  • Saturated fats

Why your joints need Omega 3

bare-biology-omega-3-a-trio-of-fish-on-plates recommends 2,700mg of Omega 3 fatty acids a day, and with good reason. According to research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), supplementing with Omega 3 can reduce joint inflammation significantly. They studied 500 participants with rheumatoid arthritis and found that, after supplementing with Omega 3, swelling in joints had settled and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs could be reduced. 

Some studies have even shown that including fatty-acids in your diet also suppresses the body’s immune system which will help the auto-immune causes of the disease. That being said, for the fish oil to work its anti-inflammatory magic, a balanced diet is key. Eating large quantities of the trigger foods listed above can counteract the benefits of Omega 3. Cutting down on these foods and supplementing with a high-quality fish oil will help protect your joints. 

It's very difficult to find a supplement that has 2,700mg of EPA and DHA in one dose, without guzzling handfuls of capsules or tablespoons of oil.  Our Lion Heart oil has 3500mg of EPA and DHA in just one teaspoon, plenty to provide the support and anti-inflammatory action your joints need. Buy Lion Heart omega 3 for your arthritis here.