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Finding your balance for a better you

Finding your balance for a better you

| FEB 4, 2017

Just a quick Google search for ways to achieve ‘life balance’ returns thousands of articles which all provide hints and tips on how to plan your work, keep fit, see friends and have a good family life.  But do we really know what finding that balance really entails? Most people believe that somehow, if they can just find the right system, they can get everything done.  I think this is a myth bordering on an outright lie.

For me, finding the right balance has nothing to do with efficient to-do lists or planning your time carefully.  I made that realisation after having a very lucid dream:

‘I was still a child and my dad had bought me a huge, fluffy and very playful dog, something I had always wanted.  The dog was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to start playing with it and spending time together.  Instead of actually doing that, I ran to my bedroom, got my diary out and started writing down all the fun things I could do with him.  My dad came up to me and said: ‘Why are you doing this? You have the dog you’ve always wanted and instead of playing with him, you’re wasting your time planning what you’re going to do with him.’

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When I woke up and started thinking about my dream, it suddenly struck a chord.  What I was doing in my dream is exactly what most of us do in real life. We spend hours planning fun activities and carving out time for socializing, but what we really miss is spontaneity which is where true life balance comes from.

Spontaneity is something that many, many people don’t like.  Why? Because they equate spontaneity with chaos, and nobody likes chaos when they’re set on achieving balance.  Routines are what productive people crave, but being able to do something on the spot that makes you happy is what will help you lead a happier and more balanced life.

How to bring more spontaneity into your life

  1. Next time an opportunity to do something you enjoy pops up, just go with the flow. Don’t spend months planning your dream holiday - just jump on a plane or train and experience new places.
  2. Give into the sudden desire to do something.  If you’re sat on your sofa watching TV and you feel like seeing one of your friends, just give them a call and arrange to meet up the same day even if it’s just for a quick coffee.
  3. Ditch the bucket lists or elaborate to-do lists in order to get round to doing fun things.  Try small spontaneous activities such as working out of a coffee shop instead of the office, spending time making a fun dinner or starting a small, manageable project that you’ve always thought would be nice. Anything to spice up your life and make you stop planning and start living!

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