Changing your career for a better life

Changing your career for a better life

We spend most of our waking life at work.  Time is precious, which is why we need to spend it doing something that brings us happiness and fulfilment.  If you don’t feel happy with what you do for a living you should consider moving on, or trying something completely different.

If, however, just the thought of changing your career – despite how unhappy you might be at your current job - makes you hyperventilate, I have some good news for you. You don’t have to do it overnight and it doesn’t have to be dramatic to make a positive shift in your work life.

Make a smooth transition

  • Transitioning to a new career is a lot easier if you’re aware of your transferable skills. Figuring out what you’re good at and what other roles could benefit from your skillset is a good way to think about your new career. Start by looking at your current job description. Was being good at sales a key requirement for your role and one of the main reasons you were hired? Starting the process by focusing on your strengths will help you adopt a positive mindset and will increase your confidence, which will make you feel less anxious about your future.
  • After you’ve identified your transferable skills, it’s time to pinpoint the areas of your current position that you’re not happy with.  Consider things like the content of your day to day work, the people you interact with and your personal work values. This will allow you to identify the types of companies and work cultures you might be interested in.  It might even lead you to realise it’s time to start your own business because you crave the freedom of being your own boss.

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  • While figuring out your next career move, surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Along the way your family or friends may express some concern about your decisions as they care about you.  Turn those people into allies, assure them that you’re taking them seriously by listening carefully to their concerns and emphasise why it’s important for you to try.  Remind them that when it comes to your career, the decisions are ultimately yours. 
  • You don’t have to rush to make a decision. Take time to think about exactly where you want to be.  If you’re really unhappy in your current job you can always get a less demanding temporary role while you figure out what you want to do next. Perhaps you need to prepare a business plan or get access to funding for your business venture, or maybe you need to sign up to a course.

Sure, some people make massive leaps into entirely different fields, and that’s fine. But if that’s not your style, don’t feel you must do it their way to become successful.  With a little bit of research and self-reflection, you can build a career which allows you to use your skills and enjoy your day at work.


Olga Levancuka will help you transform your life.  She’s your Better in 30 Life Coach.  Author of ‘How To Be Selfish’ and ‘Increase Your Confidence in One Day,’ Olga has coached some of the UK’s most prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities and household political names.


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