Can Omega 3 help brain damage? | Case study

Can Omega 3 help brain damage? | Case study

My partner Carla had a serious accident in early December and she sustained a severe head and brain injury.  She was taken immediately by ambulance to the nearest major trauma hospital some 45 miles away. She underwent several life saving operations including Craniectomy, spent ten days in an induced coma and a total of three weeks in intensive care.  She spent a further two months in a neurosurgery ward where she had to relearn how to breath, swallow, eat, drink and then speak. She spent a further five months receiving neuro rehabilitation.

When Carla was transferred to the neuro rehabilitation ward she required round the clock care, needing assistance with every task.  Her left side was no longer paralysed but was still very weak; she was now able to move her fingers and toes slightly.  Her short term memory was very poor, she was very confused. She regularly forgot where she was and struggled to find the correct words when speaking.

After a month into rehabilitation Carla was slowly grinding out improvements but I felt there must be more I could do. I started to do a lot more research and found lots of information around Omega 3 and brain healing.  I found three stories of men who sustained very severe brain injuries and whom prognosis was very poor.  In all three cases they were given very high doses of Omega 3 at an early stage and made miraculous recoveries.  I decided to give Omega 3 a try and contacted Bare Biology as Lion Heart appeared to be the best quality I could buy.  They provided the information I required which I passed onto Carla's doctor.  The doctor agreed to prescribe the highest standard dosage of the liquid. We started Carla on this as soon as the bottle arrived.

Fast forward four months and after a total of nine months in hospital, Carla walked out of the hospital and returned home to me - a truly miraculous moment.  Over the five months in inpatient rehab Carla had another operation, a Cranioplasty, where she had a titanium plate fitted in her head to replace the skull she had removed initially.  Carla made huge progress. She has made vast progress cognitively and physically, initially sitting out in a wheelchair for an hour at a time, to making a few steps aided with a fleet of physio staff and a tall walking frame, to walking unaided with her own walking frame and then walking unaided with just a walking stick. 

Upon discharge, Carla's physio mentioned that he has never seen anyone make such strong progress in the three months leading up to her discharge.  Carla's Occupational Therapist strongly agreed. Carla has a will of steel and has been determined from day one to improve to the best of her ability and to get back to 100%. There are many things and people that have helped Carla get back to where she is now; Carla's strength and determination, the truly incredible doctors, surgeons and rehab team at the hospital but also Bare Biology.  I truly believe that the Omega 3 liquid has helped. It makes perfect sense to me that when the brain is damaged we need to provide the body with enough of the raw material required to repair the brain.

Lots of research suggests that Omega 3 can help in brain injury recovery and given early in treatment, its anti inflammatory qualities can actually reduce inflammation and reduce further secondary brain injury.  It surprises me that this relatively cheap product is not given to patients with brain injuries.  I am just glad that we tried this with Carla when we did. Carla is still receiving community rehabilitation and is continuing to improve further.  And of course she is still taking Lion Heart Omega 3 liquid!

On the night of Carla's accident I was told to 'expect the worst'.  To have Carla back home as she is now is the greatest thing in the world.  I wish to thank Bare Biology, especially Andrea and Melanie for all your help and support.

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