Autumn styling tips | Milda Chellingsworth

Autumn styling tips | Milda Chellingsworth

September’s a great month to… find your fashion way again.

There’s a noticeable chill in the air that says ‘back to school’. But whether you’re teary-eyed or jumping for joy at the thought of waving them back to class, September can still throw you into a turmoil. Who are you really, when you’re not being someone’s mum?

Luckily having the kids out from under your feet is the perfect time to rediscover yourself as a person. And a great way to start is by looking at your wardrobe. After all, the way we look on the outside is a good reflection of how we think and feel about ourselves. 

If you feel you’ve lost your way when it comes to fashion, personal stylist and mother of two Milda Chellingsworth is here to help. This former fashion buyer, leading trend expert and founder of Styling For You thinks September’s the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh. Over to Milda...

Feel like you’ve forgotten who you really are and it’s starting to show in the clothes you wear? It’s surprisingly common, particularly when your kids are heading off to school. Luckily there are some simple things you can do this September to help you find your fashion way again. Follow my advice and you’ll soon be feeling much more yourself and totally rocking that school run.


  • Take stock of your wardrobe

  • September’s the month we pack away the beach clothes. But if the thought of what you’re going to wear now the leaves are falling is filling you with dread, take a good look at what you already own. Although you may feel like you have nothing to wear this autumn you could be surprised. Go through your wardrobe thoroughly, paying particular attention to the neglected pieces tucked away at the back. Can you think of new ways to wear your most treasured items to make them work? That black top you love could easily be brought bang up-to-date by pairing it with a hot trend from this season like a leopard-print scarf.

  • Make a list, check it twice...

    Once you’ve done your wardrobe assessment it’s time to make a list of the obvious gaps. Keep in mind the kind of things you’ll be doing day-to-day this September. Will you be going back to work and need something smart to wear to the office? Doing the school run and need a great pair of boots that you can actually walk in? Doing this will highlight any key pieces you need to buy.

    Hit the high street

    Now you’ve got your list it’s time to go shopping! But where should you head first? The likes of Zara alway have some of the best seasonal pieces but don’t feel like you have to buy up the whole shop. Choosing one statement piece that fits well and goes with the things you already own can refresh your whole wardrobe. Shopping with a friend can stop you panic buying or invest in a session with a stylist. If you really don’t feel like buying clothes, choosing accessories or a new handbag can make you feel more yourself again.


    If all else fails, buy shoes

    After a summer spent in flip flops you’ll probably need some new shoes. But before you invest in autumn boots or good flats for the school run, get your feet measured. Motherhood does some strange things to feet - in my case, they grew after pregnancy!

    Plan some autumn events

    Making exciting plans is a great way to get yourself out of a style rut. Don’t get stuck in the house. Going into town to meet your friends will make you want to get dressed and look nice again. Have date nights where you really dress up, not just for your partner but for yourself. If heels feel like too much of a blast from the past, get some good wedges or try a block heel.

    Whether you’re going back to work or just waving the kids back to school, September’s a perfect time for a style reboot. And now you’re armed with all you need to refresh your wardrobe and feel more like your real self again. So get out there and go shopping - it’ll be a lot easier without the kids in tow!

    By Liv Evans

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